Micro Torch

Item Code:JA-03084
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Light Weight Design

Easy to Operate

Adjustable Flame Control

Refillable Butane Gas

On/Off Switch

Soldering Welding Torch Tool

Lock Switch

One Year Manufacturer Warranty

Height: 14cm

Widely used in dental, glasses, gold and silver jewelery, electronic and metal welding

High-pressure injection technology

Flame adjustable, self-locking switch 

Technical data:

The highest temperature up to 1,300℃/2500℉

Internal air pressure: 0.35 +/- 0.05MPa

Double insurance switch design

Burning time: 20-40 minutes (continued)

The flame(the middle of the blue flame) is adjustable within 20mm-65mm

The maximum of The outside flame sparge range is 200mm

The nozzle is made of alloy and the sheath is made of high temperature ceramics

Butane power

Height: 16cm

weight: 239g 

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